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    Medical Information

    Do you have any medical conditions?

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    Technical Skills

    Can you comfortably tie knots:

    Figure 8?

    Water knot for webbing?

    Double overhand/prusik?


    Can you build a simple safe anchor:


    Snow Anchor?

    Can you belay?

    Can you rappel?

    Can you ascend a rope using prusiks?

    Have you ever used crampons and ice axe?

    Have you ever ski toured?

    Have you ever been roped up to ski or walk on a glacier?

    Have you taken a formal avalanche safety course?

    Can you navigate using a map and compass?

    NOTE Despite what we cover on the course, we do not specifically teach those basic skills, but hopefully consolidate those skills in combination with medical knowledge. If these skills are new to you on this course, you are are less likely to get as much out attending than if you come prepared with better mountain skills. If you are unsure, then they you should plan on going to a climbing gym, hire a guide, take an intro to mountaineering course, take an AST course for some instruction prior to coming on a module.

    You must achieve a minimum standard of mountains skills before graduating and preferably even before attending a course.

    Experience and Qualifications

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    I have read the Terms & Conditions as well as the Course Requirements and Equipment Checklist. I understand what is required for the DiMM courses. I also agree to submit $100 non refundable application fee.