A DIMM graduate is trained to care for injuries and illness in alpine settings and to provide advice and direction to mitigate or preempt medical problems in mountain environments. A graduate of both the Winter and Summer CSMM modules receives a Diploma in Mountain Medicine from ICAR/UIAA and CME credits awarded by the Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia.

Each of the two DiMM modules begin with pre-course work assignments, we then have two days in class, followed by four training days in the mountains. Evaluation of candidates is continuous and periodic constructive/ success oriented feedback will be frequent.

A new, exciting alternative or lead up to starting the full Diploma Course is the CSMM Wilderness Medicine Module. Although not a required part of the Mountain Medicine Diploma, this one of a kind adventure is a perfect opportunity to join some of our regular DiMM faculty on an amazing, multi-day heli/cat supported trip. This is truly a world class, guided back country powder skiing experience coupled with a great opportunity to also learn about wilderness and sports medicine from some of the most highly experienced and respected mountain medical faculty in Canada.


April 03 – 10, 2016

This module is required to complete the DiMM


September 2016

This module is required to complete the DiMM


March 05 – 12, 2016

This course is not required to finish the DiMM

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Diploma in Mountain Medicine: Summer Module

Diploma Requirements

In order to receive the diploma you must attend and pass the winter and summer modules, and have obtained passing grades on all the written assignments.