Anthony Chahal


I am an attending physician at the Vancouver General Hospital Emergency Department, where I have worked since completing my fellowship. I am passionate about the outdoors, whether it be climbing, riding, sailing, paddling, skiing or mountaineering. Prior to my current career, I worked as a professional ski patroller at Blackcomb, where I was involved in all aspects of first aid, avalanche control, high angle rope rescue and helicopter long line rescue.

I completed the UK Mountain Medicine diploma and together with some colleagues we formed the Canadian Society of Mountain Medicine to help promote better care for like-minded outdoor enthusiasts and collaborate with a growing international body.

I have previously worked in the heli-skiing industry in the 90’s and I am currently pursuing more training with the Canadian Ski Guide Association, having completed my CSGA Level 1 in 2011. I continue to be involved with the Blackcomb Ski Patrol as a mountain physician since 2006 and also with Mike Wiegele Heli Skiing since 2012. I look forward to sharing my experience and learning from those I meet along the way.